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Royal Blue Headbands for Baby Girl


Material : Soft Cotton

Age suitability : 3 months upto 10 years


Comfortable and Easily Washable

Availability: In stock

There is always the problem of styling a baby girl’s hair after dressing her baby. The best way to do this is by getting the right hairband that suits your baby’s personality. This hairband pack for babies is an easy way to style your baby’s hair. These days, nothing is more fashionable than a royal blue headband for a baby girl.

You will receive three different headbands with this combo, one of which is a glitter bow headband, one of which is a round bow, and one which is a silk big bow headband.

The perfect baby girl headband for your little one also this bow hairband set is the latest trend among babies these days.

The little detailing feature makes this whole set beautiful, appealing, and eye-catching.

These headbands are made up of premium quality cotton fabric with 100% non-toxic products, to make soft and lightweight touch to babies and easy for them to love this product.

The royal blue headband for baby girl, combo goes with every outfit and complements it, making them ideal for photoshoots, birthday parties, outdoor activities, and festive seasons.

It is very important to us that the design and fabric make your baby feel comfortable and relaxed so that he or she can easily wear it with love and happiness.

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