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Minnie Mouse Sling Bag


Material : Silicone Rubber

Comes with detachable sling strap

Weight: less than 250 gms

Age suitability : 3 months upto 10 years

Availability: In stock

Minnie is the most beautiful character in Disney. Choose this Minnie mouse sling bag for kids to make beautiful memories with her and looks modern and classy.

It’s the perfect gift for toddlers to use this sling bag and enjoy playing with it.

Minnie mouse crossbody bag is one of the top-rated products and is favorable for any occasion like picnic, parties, shopping, traveling, etc.

The sling bag is made up of non-toxic material With its soft, smooth touch and comfortable design, this is guaranteed to make you fall in love with this product.

The Minnie mouse crossbody bag has a spacious compartment with a premium quality zipper, so kids can easily fit its essential stuff in the bag like goggles, wallet, makeup accessories, chocolates, etc.

The detailing feature makes the sling bag more unique and fashionable.

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