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Little Girl Hair Accessories Kit ~ Heart


Material : Plastic

Age suitability : 6 months upto 10 years


Comfortable and Easily Washable

Availability: In stock

Introducing the collection of little girl hair accessories kit designed to make your baby feel special.

The little detailing feature makes the box unique and perfect for toddlers to carry on any occasion.

It is perfect for photoshoots, birthdays, parties, outdoor fun, and chilling with parents, and it is perfect for everyday use as well.

Soft and relaxing accessories like rubber bands, clip sets, love broch, and beautiful transparent sling bags for babies are perfect for looking classy and super comfortable while using it.

Whether it’s a daytime event or a nighttime celebration, this adorable little girl hair accessories kit set will complete the look effortlessly.

The top-quality fabric and pearl strap of the sling makes the whole accessory box wonderful and lovely for toddlers. 

The ideal for birthday gifts, and perfect for daily use, we make our products carefully and baby-friendly so they easily love and enjoy the products.

The Butterfly Bow offers an affordable collection of little girl hair accessories kits for your baby.

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