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Heart Shaped Sunglasses


Type – Heart Sunglasses for baby

Age – Newborn to Five years

Size – Free size, flexible headband

Colors – Black, Blue, Pink, Peach, Red, and White. 

The Heart shaped sunglasses are the current favorite sunglasses of toddlers. 

The Sunglasses gives a retro feel, and the baby can wear these sunglasses anywhere. It fitted with any occasion, best for beach looks, parties, birthdays and traveling, etc.

The sunglasses are made up of the best quality plastic that does not hurt the baby’s skin it is so comfortable to wear for a baby.

Heart shaped designer Sunglasses gives a baby’s appearance more appealing and attractive.

Your baby will love this product and the unique feature makes the baby charming.

We deal with top-quality products and comfortable products for babies.

The sunglasses material comes with a top-quality plastic sheet with a flexible frame. It gently fitted on the baby’s face. 

After wearing these stylish heart sunglasses your baby will love this product and looks stunning.

The sunglasses protect your baby’s eyes from dust and Ultra violet rays and effectively prevent the child’s face and eyes. 

Buy designer baby sunglasses for your little one and enhance the look by picking heart shaped sunglasses. 

Butterfly bow delivers high-quality products with the latest design and fashion at an affordable price.

These sunglasses are lightweight and convenient for toddlers, the baby can easily wear them because of the flexible frame.

Online order is also available through our website and other social media sites and check out our other collections for your baby.

We recommend you to read the terms and conditions & product descriptions before buying. Enjoy your shopping experience with us.


Black, Blue, Leopard, Pink, Red, White

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