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Headbands for Infants ~ Candy Pink


Material : Soft Cotton

Age suitability : 3 months upto 10 years


Comfortable and Easily Washable

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There is nothing trendier than these gorgeous headbands for infants nowadays.

This headband combo for babies is ideal for gifts, your baby girl will love these designer baby headbands.

The little detailing feature makes this headband set more attractive and adorable as compared to other hair accessories.

The beautiful set is made up of supreme quality cotton fabric with no toxic material added to it. apart from that, it has flexible elastic and is lightweight so the baby easily wears it without any irritation.

To make our products with top-quality fabrics, not only will they be safe and gentle for the baby, but will also make him happy while wearing them.

It is the perfect accessory for any outfit, whether it is a jumpsuit, skirt, gown, ethnic clothing, etc.

These candy pink headbands match any outfit and complement the outfit, making them ideal for photoshoots, shopping, birthday parties, outdoor activities, festive seasons, and more.

For your little champ to look gorgeous and feel comfortable all day, shop the cute set of headbands for infants.

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