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Headband and Swaddle Set ~ Dusky Blue


Material : Soft Cotton

Age suitability : 0 months upto 2 years

Comfortable and Easily Washable

Availability: In stock

Pamper your baby with this luxurious swaddle with soft cotton fabric makes it perfect for babies.

the royal blue color set not only looks great on the baby but is also the most comfortable product for every purpose.

You can pamper your baby with a thin, smooth, and soft swaddle that allows it to feel like it’s in the womb and sleep peacefully for longer periods.

The premium quality material with 100% toxic-free and makes your baby feel relaxed and calm.

Buy a headband and swaddle set to make your little love feel relaxed and tranquil also enhance the baby’s presence with this beautiful fashionable headband.

With this swaddle the cute dusky blue bow headband you get, which gives the eye-catching look and is perfect for any occasion.

We offer a thin, smooth, soft, and lightweight swaddle to pamper your baby, emulating the womb and allowing it to sleep longer and at peace.

The beautiful bow headband enhances the baby’s look and easily matches any type of outfit.

We made our products with top-quality fabric and are baby-friendly so that babies easily use them and stay happy.

Shop for your baby this headband and swaddle set at an affordable price only at Butterfly Bow.

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