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Hair Accessories For Baby Girl


Material : Cotton

Age suitability : 3 months upto 10 years


Comfortable and Easily Wearable

No matter what you wear, the little accessory helps in enhancing the look. Similarly, we have a beautiful hair accessory for baby girls made up of premium quality material with a gorgeous design. Check out our fabric clip set with different colors like blue, pink, and yellow.

The little detailing feature made this fabric hair clip set more attractive and unique.

The clip set looks extraordinary and matches every baby’s outfit, like gowns, jumpsuits, mini dresses, and so on.

It is the perfect accessory to enhance the look and make your baby eye-catching and fashionable.

The quality of the clips set is amazing with 100% non-toxic material used, comfy, lightweight, and soft clips for baby hair.

For a new mother, it is a favorable option to style your little princess with this cute variety of different options of clip sets, like blue clips for babies, pink flower fabric hair clips, etc.

We focused on comfortability and deliver top-quality products for babies.

After wearing these amazing clips your baby looks more fashionable and stunning.

Shop for your baby just to make you happy and looks adorable on every occasion. The different varieties of clips and unique designs made this clip set top selling product and customers centric.

Buy this beautiful hair accessory for baby girls clip set for your little charm at an affordable price only at Butterfly Bow.

If you have any doubts, queries, or questions please feel free to ask, we are here to solve your query.

Please read all the descriptions related to the products and read T&Cs before making a purchase.

Enjoy your shopping experience with us. Happy shopping for your little charm.


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