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Cute Bow Headband for Baby Girl ~ Purple


Material : Soft Cotton

Age suitability : 3 months upto 10 years


Comfortable and Easily Washable

Availability: In stock

Every mom’s biggest concern when dressing up her baby girl is how to make her hairstyle attractive, What is better than taking a beautiful hairband and matching it with your baby’s character This beautiful Hairband combo pack gives you a perfect way to style your baby’s hair.

This cute bow headband for baby girl is one of today’s hottest trends nowadays.

The design and the detailing feature make the combo eye-catching and unique as compared to other hair accessories.

In this combo you will get 3 pairs of headband sets, which look exceptional and attractive, one is a glitter bow headband, a round bow, and the last is a big bow headband.

This headband is made up of premium quality cotton material making the headband set super soft and lightweight to wear.

We make assure about the top quality and baby-friendly products so babies will easily wear and stay happy while wearing them.

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