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Bow Headband Combo ~ White


Material : Soft Cotton

Age suitability : 3 months upto 10 years


Comfortable and Easily Washable

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Hairbands are the perfect accessories that should be mandatorily placed in the wardrobe of your baby. It is one of the items that perfectly goes with every kind of dress of any color.

This headband combo for the baby enhances the looks of the baby girl and makes her personality flaunted among others.

The bow headband combo in white colors complements any outfit and is great for photoshoots, birthday parties, outdoor activities, and festive seasons.

It is made from premium quality cotton material and is super soft and lightweight for your baby to enjoy.

The design and fabric are carefully thought out so that not only does your baby love wearing it but also feels comfortable and relaxed all the time.

With this combo, you will receive three different headbands, each with a different design. The one on the left is a glitter bow headband, the second is a round bow, and the third is a silk big bow headband.

For your baby to feel comfortable and relaxed, we pay special attention to the design as well as the fabric, so the baby can simply put on the head with love and happiness.

Buy this bow headband combo for the baby to make them feel special and stunning at the same time at an affordable price only at Butterfly Bow.

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