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Baby Girl Headbands Pack ~ Autumn Colours


Material : Soft Cotton

Age suitability : 3 months upto 10 years


Comfortable and Easily Washable

Availability: In stock

Autumn baby girl headbands pack are perfect for your daughter if you want her to look classier and more stunning.

It is best to keep your outfit simple without heavy accessories on any occasion where you want to look stylish.

The premium quality cotton material makes the collection more comfortable and relaxing for babies.

 Beautiful headbands go well with any outfit and enhance the look of the outfit. They are perfect for photoshoots, birthday parties, outdoor activities, and festive seasons.

Make your baby stylish with the new collection. We guarantee the quality and trends of the products.

Our headbands are made with 100% cotton material and are non-toxic and safe for babies.

With its lightweight, soft, premium quality cotton fabric and unique design, the headband set is more appealing to little champs.

At Butterfly Bow, we strive to provide affordable baby hair bands online shopping that is extra caring about baby skin.

Buy this baby girl headband pack collection for your little charm to make them precious and happy. you can get this combo at an affordable price only at Butterfly Bow,

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Lastly, we are requesting you all read the terms and conditions before making a purchase and shop more for your little one.

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