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“I used to tell my wife ‘I would take a bullet for you. I could never love anything as much as I love you.’ I would say that to my wife and the minute I looked into my baby’s eyes, I knew at that exact moment that if we were ever under attack, I would use my wife as a human shield to protect that baby.”

Actor Ryan Reynolds admitted this to the entire world on a TV show, and we believe most parents would resonate with his statement. Being a parent is a pivotal point in life that acquaints us with feelings that we have never experienced before.

It all starts with the first cry, as we hold our baby in our hands, our eyes riddled with tears of both pain and joy squeezed shut from the widest smile our faces can manage. The nine months of wait have paid off. They have delivered to us the most precious thing in the world. The first time the baby holds our finger, the touch of its delicate skin changes everything. The bundle of mostly blankets that we hold in our arms becomes the centre of the universe and the most important thing to ever exist.

Parenthood comes with responsibilities and problems that we never imagined before. Babies require more attention than we thought and tasks that we previously thought were easy turn out not being that simple. Babies cry much louder than we thought they did, are more difficult to calm down than we imagined and discerning what discomfort they are going through is extremely difficult. Most new parents can not figure out if the crying baby is hot, cold, hungry or needs a change of diapers.

Sometimes, we find ourselves losing who we are in parenthood. Preserving a part of ourselves that is not a parent becomes difficult and important. Many parents, especially mothers, struggle with existing and preserving their personality outside motherhood.

Despite all this, most of us enjoy being parents. That first month of learning is the hardest, but it is always preserved in our memories. Nothing is more joyful than taking care of our little ones. A touch of their delicate skin is enough reward to keep us going. It is enough to fuel us despite all the sleepless nights spent to make them go to sleep.

Adorning our most precious babies with the best clothes becomes a hobby. Even though it takes hours to dress them, even though they ruin their outfits in seconds, parents derive immense joy from buying clothes and accessories for their babies and dressing them. The happiness parents experience in seeing their heart dressed in the perfect clothes they spent hours selecting is unparalleled. A lot of times, it is very difficult to find the perfect clothes for our little humans. Not finding the best for our kids becomes frustrating and agonising.

Understanding the agony of not finding the perfect outfit for our kids, we created Butterfly Bow. We offer your little ones the best fashion items for both your and their enjoyment. Being parents ourselves, we understand that you only want the finest for your children, both comfort and style-wise and we strive to deliver.

We provide the best dresses, backpacks, accessories and much more for your children. A single look at our collection will help you get the perfect attire for your young one. With a massive collection of unique, beautiful and comfortable fashion wear for your children, we assure you that you would not be disappointed.

We look forward to becoming a part of your littles’ childhood. We hope to help you in your parenting journey by providing the premium fashion wear that you have always wanted for your little humans.

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